Latin America

When you think of Latin America the first thing that comes to mind are the natural wonders. From the Andean cordilleras to Earth’s largest tropical rainforest and Patagonian ice fields, the beauty and adventures seem unending. It’s not just the topographical sites that will catch your eye however. The pre-Columbian and conquistador influences are everywhere, bringing cultural treasures your way. From sites such as the Incan temple of Machu Picchu to out of the way former colonial towns, you will find things to peak your interest every step of the way. And of course the nightlife is one of the best in the world, and something you will never forget. Get set for big adventures, and Talk of the Town Travel will help you plan it all out.


Amazing Costa Rica

This is the perfect getaway for adventure seekers and nature lovers, and those looking to explore a new culture.

Costa Rica Highlights

Catch a glimpse of the beauty of Costa Rica while hiking, white water rafting, horseback riding, zip lining and many more activities across 11 days.

Magic of Colombia

Take a journey along Colombia's magnificent Magdalena River aboard an intimate 60-passenger river cruise ship. Each morning you will wake up to a new view each day in one of Colombia’s fascinating destinations.

Wonders of Colombia

Embark on a journey along the magical Magdalena River aboard the AmaMagdalena, a luxury river cruise ship unlike any other.