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While it might seem like you can search for, plan and book your vacation online without using a travel agent, you will quickly discover it takes a lot of time to do so. A single search will deliver hundreds of results, and it can take a long time finding what you are looking for. And that’s just for the hotel! A travel agent will listen to what you are looking for, understand your likes and dislikes, and help you find the perfect trip. They will make recommendations that will save you hours of searching by yourself.

A travel agent has access to all the best deals on hotels, airline specials and know when the peak and non-peak periods are. Simply put, we know how to find a bargain. From bundling services, creating tailor made packages and getting upgrades, to knowing where to find deals at your destination, we can help you save a little on your dream getaway.
Travel agents are travelers themselves. They’ve gone around the world, and made mistakes along the way. These mistakes have helped them learn how to help you avoid them. They also know how to look at the big-picture, and help you build a realistic, flexible timetable that leaves room for a minimum amount of stress. On top of that, they have insider knowledge and connections that will help you discover the best restaurants, accommodations and attractions. It never hurts to have an insider working for you.

Let’s face it, sometimes things comes up and your plans have to be changed. If they do, and you’ve used  travel agent, they can help you change them. You won’t have to worry about spending countless hours on the phone or sending e-mails back and forth to resolve the problem. 

Travel Agents can also spot problems ahead of time that you might not be aware of, talk to the travel suppliers for you, complain on your behalf both during and after your trip, and help you reschedule your vacation. We’re here to give you a peace of mind that you won’t find by booking things yourself. 

A travel agent can do many things for you.

1. They have a history of making things work.

2. Google doesn’t know everything, and neither do you or your friends. 

3. They will fight for you if things go wrong.

4. They can help you be a better traveler.

5. They have better tools to find you the better deals, adventures and more. These tools also help them keep updated on the latest health and safety protocols for your destination.

6. Because travel is always changing. From quick two-day vacations to workcations and more, they can help you find what you need your vacation to be.