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Sometimes a vacation doesn’t feel like a vacation. Sometimes you need a trip to paradise where you can unwind and recharge, without all the stress. All-inclusive vacation packages might just be what you are looking for. That way you don’t have to worry about the hotel or accommodation, the amenities, the food and beverages, the non-stop flight and more. Perhaps you are looking for a couple’s retreat in Punta Cana or Jamaica, or a family-friendly vacation in Mexico or Varadero that’s right for you. Or maybe you are seeking a group or friends getaway in Cancun or the Dominican Republic. Whatever the case may be, our travel experts can help you find the right destination within your budget. Talk of the Town Travel can help you find the all-inclusive resort of your dreams. We’re specialists in finding last minute vacation deals on all-inclusive vacation packages with the best rates, including through top travel providers such as Air Canada Vacation, Westjet Vacations, Transat Holidays, Sunwing Vacations and more. You could be relaxing on a Caribbean beach in Cayo Coco, Cuba, or sipping margaritas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico before you know it. We’ll help you find the best all-inclusive package, at the best price, to the top vacation destinations. To book an all-inclusive vacation package contact us today to find out more!

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Frequently asked Questions about All-Inclusive Vacations

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Cuba is first on the list, specifically Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco, and Holguin. Overall, they are affordable. Varadero is slightly higher but the area offers more activities. In the Dominican Republic, the areas of Puerto Plata, Samana, La Romana are excellent value, along with Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and Panama.

There are several 5-star resorts in the English-speaking Caribbean; including Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua. There are many choices in Mexico as well, with Cancun and the Mayan Riviera being the most popular. Typically chain hotels offer the most consistent quality, but there are many beautiful and independently owned boutique hotels worth considering as well.

Simply, it’s the level of luxury offered. From the overall design and amenities in the rooms to the activities offered along with the quality and variety of food served. Service is also very important. How attentive is the staff, how quickly do issues get resolved. Also consider the numbers, how many pools, restaurants and bars are there to choose from? Is there room service available and is it included? Is there a butler or concierge service? Are there any waiters at the pools or beach for drinks and food? Is there a spa and what types of services are offered? These are all things to consider when deciding which resort is right for you.

Yes, they do. All packages include round trip airfare but keep in mind that you may pay extra for things like checked baggage and/or seat selection fees.  

For the most people the answer is yes. Even if you aren’t big drinkers… the meals included, non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment, activities in addition to your accommodations are excellent value

Some resorts cater to families, while others cater to adults and/or couples. Some are more active in the day and at night while others are quiet. So, take advantage of our experience. We will work with you to find out what you’re looking for and help you find the best choice for your vacation needs. We will recommend the highest quality resort, where you will have the best overall experience within your budget.

Booking in advance will give you the most choices as well as being able to take advantage of early booking promotions. Although a price drop in the future is possible, there is an equal chance the price will also go up. There really isn’t a specific day of the week that is best to book nor is there a predictable pattern for pricing. The prices fluctuate often. This means you could miss the best price by waiting too long.

While it’s always a good idea to bring some cash in local currency, it all depends on how much time you plan on spending outside the resort. If you plan on exploring outside you will need money for food, drinks, tipping, and any sightseeing you plan on doing. Credit cards are widely accepted for shopping and touring. Within the resort, you may want some for tipping when you receive exceptional service and special attention. In other words, for most people, not much money will be needed.

US dollars are widely accepted at most resorts. You can also convert them to local currency for a fee. In Cuba however you will need Cuban Convertible Pesos.   

Yes, if it meets the occupancy and age requirements of the room category and done in advance.  If you wait until arriving at the resort it can be difficult to do and cost extra. Sometimes they may charge for a room upgrade as well.

Not exactly. The room fee will be the same no matter how many people occupy it. This is why a single person travelling usually pays more than a double. Each person will pay the same amount for meals, drinks, and service however, unless they are a child who has less requirements. This means it’s not exactly a per person rate, or a fixed room rate. It’s a combination of both.

In general, a wide variety of dining options are included in your price. Some resorts offer premium items like lobster or premium cuts of steak on the menu or at specialty restaurants at an additional cost.

Each resort is different depending on the price and quality of the resort. They usually offer a selection of draft beer, house red and white wines, popular spirits such as rum, rye/bourbon, gin, vodka and mixes like soft drinks, fruit juice, cream, and liqueurs. Premium resorts may have a few top shelf brands of liquor and more selection of red and white wines. Wine by the glass is included, by the bottle may be available at an extra cost.

Most resorts are very casual. Shorts and T-Shirts are usually fine for breakfast and lunch while long pants, collared shirts and closed toed shoes maybe required for dinner. You will most likely also want to pack your bathing suit, sandals, cover up and a hat. If you are bringing any electronic devices or products like a hair straightener, familiarize yourself with the local electrical voltage as you may need a converter.

All-inclusive resorts have different room categories of different sizes, locations, views, and inclusions available. If you want to upgrade to a better room, it’s best to book it ahead of time. Your chances of getting an upgrade at the resort is very slim and will likely cost you more than if you book it early.

More and more resorts are offering WiFi, but the quality of the connection varies. Some offer it only in selected areas such as in the lobby, while others offer it resort wide. The chain resorts and higher end all-inclusive resorts tend to offer the better WiFi for their guests, and some of them offer it for free. If you absolutely need a good connection, it’s recommended to check with your wireless provider for a roaming package.