Viking Cruises


Explore All Seven Continents

Founded in 1997, Viking offers river, ocean and expedition voyages across the globe. Travelers interested in science, history, culture and cuisine, will find the adventures they seek on one of Viking’s award-winning small ships. From river ships in Europe, the Great Lakes, Southeast Asia, Egypt, the Arctic and along the Mississippi to 930-guest ocean ships that sail the world, Viking offers a variety of itineraries and departures. Most importantly, Viking takes you to the heart of the places you want to explore in the comfort you’ve come to expect.

Cities of Light

Discover the romance of Paris and Prague and all the quaint small towns in between on this 12-day journey, including two nights each in Paris and Prague and a scenic river cruise along the Moselle, Rhine and Main Rivers. Come celebrate Europe’s most luminous ports.

Australia & New Zealand

Gain insight into the native and European cultures of Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney and Hobart's penal past to the Victorian treasures of Dunedin and the fragrant English gardens of Christ church and Wellington, only Viking brings you this close to the "Land Down Under."