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Inspired Soul, Author, Chakradance Facilitator, Samhara Reiki Practitioner, Art Educator, Dancer, and Multidimensional Muse. I am passionate about supporting your wellbeing on the creative path through providing you with a transformational travel experience like no other! Expand into the fullest expression of your wholeness to feel more alive.

An educator for more than 20 years, I have been travelling to Cozumel, Mexico for 14 years now and want to share the spirit of this remarkable space with you to support you to blossom from the inside out.

On the Dancing the Creative Path Women’s Chakradance Retreat I will guide you on a soulful journey through 9 workshops of spontaneous dance, sound healing music, guided imagery, and mandala art work to reconnect with your true essence and deepest joy. Enjoy sacred ceremony with guest Adrian Salas Xopan of the Mayan Nation that will shift your consciousness, and experience Group Samhara Reiki to integrate your new experiences. Re-energize your passion for living and reconnect with your inner divine feminine on one of the most beautiful islands in the world dedicated, since ancient times, to sacred goddess energy!

Travel Specialization: Chakradance Women’s Retreat (wellness, creativity, spirituality)

Destination Specialization: Cozumel, Mexico

Certifications: Licensed Chakradance Facilitator, IICT registered; Canada Reiki Association Registered Samhara Reiki Practitioner; Holistic Practitioner, City of Toronto; OCTE Secondary School Teacher, Toronto District School Board

Languages: English (primary) and Spanish (secondary)

About My Recent Vacation: This past July and August, 2017 I had the great fortune to live in Cozumel and deepen my connection to the beauty and magic of the land through snorkelling daily in the ocean and trekking through the jungle. I gifted a number of Intro to Chakradance workshops to the local community in English and Spanish to give back to the warm and friendly people of this island home that calls me back year after year.


“What an amazing journey through the 9 week Chakradance™ program. The environment Pollyanna created was a warm, supportive & safe one. I don’t think I’ve ever danced so freely! It touched my core. I’ll never be the same!” ~ Sue Chhina

“Chakradance™ is such a gentle & soulful way to embrace yourself at a deeper level.” ~ Cindy Roemer

Dancing the Creative Path Chakradance Women's Retreat

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