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When Henry Wiseberg started Talk of the Town Travel in 1975, he had $500 to start with and very little knowledge of the travel industry beyond a scrapbook he filled with travel articles. What he did have, however, were formidable people skills and a love for meeting and talking to others.

He took his knack for forging relationships and grew his modest Toronto-based storefront into a leading agency specializing in luxury travel, offering destinations around the globe. Today, in addition to Talk of the Town, he oversees sister company Leisurely Yours, and has become known in travel circles and among his clients as DRTRVL, a moniker that was given to him (and adorned on a licence plate) by his friends on his 40th birthday.

His love for travel grew exponentially over the years, thanks to awe-inspiring trips to Australia and New Zealand, Israel, the Middle East and South Africa. But even so, Henry considers himself a trainer first and traveller second, whose passion lies with teaching others – particularly up-and-coming travel agents – the tricks of the trade.

Under his guidance, the staff at Talk of the Town (who Henry refers to as the “backbone” of the company) has gained a stellar reputation for being attentive, caring and knowledgeable. He believes that all successful agents must listen to their clients, understand their needs, and above all, know the product inside out.

After all, when agents are successful, so too are customers at achieving their travel dreams. And according to Henry, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing clients return home with a smile.

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