Transformational Travel: Like an IOS Update for your Well-being

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Posted on 07/29/2018

By Pollyanna Blanco, Retreat Leader, Author, Teacher, Energy Practitioner, Dancer

Are you frustrated by life’s endless rollercoaster, disconnected from feeling truly alive? Ready to feel inspired and joyous from your next vacation? With so many incredible travel options, how do you choose the one you will be talking about for a lifetime?

The Dancing the Creative Path Women’s Chakradance Retreat in Cozumel, Mexico is like no other. Our attendees have life transforming experiences that go beyond relaxing on a beach. In three empowering days, you will take an inner journey through nine Chakradance workshops that will begin to reprogram your subconscious mind (your body), so you can let go of habitual behaviours and mindsets that no longer serve you, to become your most authentic expression.

So many of us get stuck in the brain-body loop. Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza, from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? says when we shift our thoughts we create a whole new experience of being. As humans our pre-frontal cortex makes us unique from other animals; allowing us to function independent of our emotions, body, and time. Was there a time when you didn’t listen to your body’s signals, pushing past hunger and fatigue to meet a work deadline? To interrupt these behaviours we first need to change our mind, independent of this programmed loop, and acquire new knowledge. Then we need to apply it to doing something in a new way. Regular practice is the key. Then our subconscious mind can download a new program. This allows the brain to support our uplifted emotions, releasing bio-chemicals that actually make us feel better without having to think about doing it.

Positive affirmations and intentions can only take you so far. Along with new thoughts, we need new experiences that interrupt old emotions; replacing them with newly activated ones, to transform your perceptions and experiences of being from the inside out. Chakradance is a gentle and effective practice to support those inner shifts. And connecting with your soul sisters on this sacred jewel of an island to amplify and nurture your intentions is pure magic! Go beyond positive intentions and become the dancing prayer!

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