Morocco! The name itself conjures images of the magical and exotic! It’s yours to discover through our premium itineraries. Discover the rich cultural heritage of this storied land: Morocco is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Morocco lies at the crossroads of trade routes that connected Asia, Europe, and Africa: you’ll feel the imprint of this historical past as you travel through this great country. Morocco’s geography is dramatic and varied. Discover completely unspoiled beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and the “other” Mediterranean Sea. Travel through verdant fruit orchards and dense palm oases. Cross sweeping valleys and snowy mountain peaks. Then lose yourself in the drama of the enigmatic dunes of the Sahara Desert! Endlessly fascinating, always accessible, Morocco is your gateway to a life-enriching never-forgettable travel adventure.


Morocco Journey

Discover the fresh cedar forests of the Atlas Mountains, meander the winding lanes of old Marrakech, and explore the dunes of the desert. Meet musicians, Berbers, and artisans, and soak up the exotic beauty of Morocco.