Israel is a world-class destination with outstanding archaeological, religious and cultural attractions. Those with a taste for adventure can explore the country’s spectacular scenery, scuba dive in the Gulf of Eilat with its magnificent coral reefs or go horseback riding along the trails in the forest of the Galilee.

Israel’s three main cities are Jerusalem, its capital, Tel Aviv, an international metropolis, and Haifa, a major port and industrial centre. Rural tourism in kibbutzim and other community villages, offers guests vacations in a rustic atmosphere, far from the cities and close to nature.

Food in Israel is diverse, offering a delicious array for everyone from steak lovers to vegans. From native cuisine such as falafel, and hummus, to international favourites like sushi and pad Thai, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Fresh fruit juice stands and homemade ice cream parlours are in abundance – and the Israeli Breakfast is a must, with a variety of salads, cheeses, eggs and bread.

There are nearly 300 wineries in Israel, from small boutique operations to giant producers, offering world-class vintages of red, white and sparkling wines. With hundreds of boutique wineries, one can travel the country, meeting the wine makers themselves and hearing the fascinating stories of how they fulfilled their dreams.

Shopping in Israel is a delight with large indoor and outdoor shopping malls in nearly every city, as well as colourful markets and old-world bazaars offering locally made and imported items.

Whether you are interested in exploring ancient history, or relaxing on one of Israel’s many exquisite beaches, make Israel your next travel destination.


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