El Al Showcases its Forthcoming Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fleet

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Posted on 10/14/2018

Do you remember the line in the film Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come”? Well, that was the past. Welcome to the future. El Al, Israel’s flag carrier, is excited about its future — really excited, thanks to its new Dreamliner aircraft. And you have a chance to step into the future in January 2019 when El Al introduces the Dreamliner service from Toronto to Tel Aviv.

The moment you set foot in the Dreamliner you will immediately feel something different, new and exciting. This is the feeling the airline was aiming for when it had EL AL’s latest aircraft in mind. It’s a combination of exceptional, warm service, along with a unique design that fully surrounds you as you come aboard the most advanced aircraft in the world.

Flying on the Dreamliner leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed, thanks to advanced technological systems that directly affect you, providing a sense of tranquility and relaxation throughout the flight.

Take a deep breath and feel the clean air flowing continuously through the advanced air purification system. The extra-large windows allow passengers to enjoy the view from every seat and easily dim outside light. The dynamic cabin LED lighting is adapted to different stages of the flight to help in the transition between different time zones, leaving you alert and refreshed as you arrive at your destination. And you can peacefully enjoy a smoother, more relaxed flight, thanks to a unique system that reduces the impact of moderate turbulence.

The Dreamliner consists of three service classes: Business Class, Premium Class and Economy Class

Dreamliner Business First Class redefines the concept of luxury. Enjoy the warm, personalized service from the Business First Class crew, who indulge you throughout the flight. Your luxurious, spacious seat provides maximum comfort and privacy, with personal space, so that you can relax, work and enjoy sleeping on the full-flat bed seat.

Premium Class is an intimate experience offering wider, more spacious premium seats and larger screens, complemented by premium, indulging personal service.

Economy Class is a service that offers a special design and advanced entertainment experience, to make you feel "home away from home", from takeoff to landing.

The Dreamliner offers everything you need to have for a pleasant flight: rich content entertainment system, sockets for charging your mobile devices and soon, internet connectivity.If you are looking for something different, something new and something state of the art, you’ll want to give the Dreamliner service a try.

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