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Posted on 10/06/2018

Imagine a day that celebrates arts and culture around the world. A day like Christmas or Valentine's Day where people of all walks of life get together to enrich their lives. In 2014 such a day was created, Fair Saturday. Fair Saturday was first celebrated in Bilbao — Bay of Biscay, in Spain, and since then has grown to over 582 shows in 114 cities. Over 10,000 artists were involved last year, with more than 127,000 people attending, and the numbers are expected to rise once more in 2018 on November 24th. And you can be one of the lucky ones in attendance thanks to the Bilbao and the Basque Country tour package. The package consists of 5 planned days of activities leading up to and including Fair Saturday.

Where to Stay: Considering your vacation is all about arts and culture, the Hotel Miró is the perfect choice. Located in Bilbao’s Art District, this four-star facility is right across the street from the Guggenheim museum and within walking distance to the Museum of Fine Arts. The hotel itself is a work art, with the interior decorated by fashion designer Antonio Miró. It's cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make this the perfect home away from home.

Where to Eat: A vacation isn't a vacation without a sampling of the local food. On one of your first days you will get to taste pintxos, otherwise known as miniature cuisine. The food is similar to what you'd find in a tapas, but in smaller portions and more elaborate. These delicacies are considered to be one of the pillars of the culture and society of the area. You will also get a chance to taste other traditional menus during your lunches, and on the night of Fair Saturday you will be the guest of honour at a txoko. These secret gastronomic societies are scattered around Spain’s Basque country where people come to eat, drink, socialize. During your visit a traditional, savoury meal will be cooked by one of the members just for you. Of course, the evening wouldn't be complete without friendly conversation with your hosts.

What to Do: While you already know that you will be busy exploring the festival on Fair Saturday, there is much more for you to see and do on the days leading up to the event. From exploring the Maritime Museum of Bilbao, to a narrated walking tour of the city, your days will be filled with getting yourself immersed in the local culture. Other highlights include exploring the Urdaibai Biosphere reserve, where you can hike or go bird watching, all while enjoying the beauty of one of Earth's most incredible sights, as well as enjoying the taste of Txakoli, the regional white wine, while taking a tour of a winery.

Once your trip is completed, you'll have many stories to tell you friends and families about how you were part of something big, where it all began, before it became an international sensation.

Find out more about the Bilbao and the Basque Country tour package and watch the video below for a glimpse into what you can expect of Fair Saturday.

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