The Jewish Glories of Spain & Morocco

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Posted on 02/13/2018

It’s impossible to pack in a thousand years in just 10 days, but we certainly try our best on ‘The Jewish Glories of Spain & Morocco’ tour.

Both countries boast rich and long Jewish histories that date back thousands of years, a history that’s worth retelling for generations to come. Departing May 6-16, 2018, this itinerary will retrace the steps of Sephardic Jews who crossed two continents, all the while highlighting key cultural landmarks and local delicacies that have put both destinations top of mind among foodies and travellers alike.

“Spain and Morocco are two of the world’s most historic – and most beautiful – destinations, each filled with a wealth of treasures that range from architectural masterpieces to mouthwatering cuisine,” said Dov Saitowitz, travel advisor at Talk of the Town Travel. “We put our own unique twist to an otherwise historical tour of the two countries, by focusing on their unique Jewish pasts. We want our customers to know that there’s more to these countries than meets the eye.”

Beginning in Madrid, you’ll see all the major sights like Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor and San Miguel Market before moving on to Toledo, known as the Spanish Jerusalem. Here, you’ll immerse yourself deep in Jewish heritage with a visit to the city’s Jewish museum and a stroll along the alleys of its ancient city. In Cordoba, the birthplace of Maimonides, you’ll partake in a typical Jewish meal, visit Juderia and its tiny, gem-like synagogue, and stop in Lucena, where archeologists unearthed a Jewish cemetery with more than 300 tombs dating back to the 10th century.

The tour continues to Granada for visits to Garnata al-Yahud and the former Jewish community of Shmuel HaNagid, as well as an authentic flamenco performance. Your time in Spain winds down in Granada where you’ll visit the famous Alhambra palace and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Albayzin neighbourhood, regarded as the old Moorish section of the city.

In Marrakech, highlights include Lazama Synagogue, Bahaia Palace, a Shabbat dinner, and lunch with a Marrakech Jewish family. Heading north to Fez, you’ll stop along the way in the picture-perfect city of Beni Mellal for a traditional lunch and, time permitting, a hike up to Cascade d’Ouzud. Upon arrival in Fez, whose Jewish community remained prominent between the 9th and 11th centuries, you’ll visit a shuk for some shopping and sample gourmet tagine.

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