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Posted on 01/29/2018

Sometimes you just wanna dance. And dance you will while on this three-day getaway to Cozumel!

Talk of the Town’s ‘Dancing The Creative Path Retreat, Cozumel, Mexico’, departing March 14-17, 2018, invites all dancers, no matter the skill level, to participate in a series of nine workshops led by Pollyana Blanco, author of ‘In Rhythm With Your Soul’.

While staying at the B Cozumel boutique hotel, considered one of the chicest properties in Cozumel with a distinct ‘South Beach’ vibe, you will dance your heart out and learn all about wellness and self empowerment through group ceremonies led by Adrian Salas Xopan, an active member in the Mayan Nation and an expert in herbology, holistic therapeutic energy and ceremonial sweat lodge practices. He’ll guide you to achieve spiritual freedom through three fundamental principles: to live in harmony with nature, to celebrate ancestral rites, and to cultivate joy and love for life.

You’ll also participate in a water blessing by the ocean, a sacred offering to the goddess Ix Chel, and group Samhara Reiki. Each day will start off right with breakfast by the ocean, complete with healthy, local ingredients. Yum!

“It’s no secret that travel can make you healthier, wiser and more mindful,” said Henry Wiseberg, owner of Talk of the Town Travel. “We take this notion one step further with this all-encompassing retreat package. You’ll learn to love yourself more, and open yourself up to new opportunities in the world. What you’ll gain from this three-day getaway will stay with you for a lifetime.”

In addition to three nights’ accommodation in a Sea view room, the retreat package also includes light lunch daily, dinner on the first night, and a welcome gift pack. You’ll also have access to the hotel’s wide range of facilities, which includes everything from a pool and hot tub to cabana beds and bicycles.

If you’re up for even more self-empowerment, several optional excursions are also available. Try your hand at a cooking class or ear candling, learn all about pulse healing or quantum healing, or connect with the beauty of nature by scuba diving and snorkelling. Embark on a trip to Passion Island Beach or Cozumel’s Old Town, or sign up for a truly one-of-a-kind Mayan Jungle Spa experience. Whichever excursion you choose, you’ll return the better for it!

And if that weren’t enough to rejuvenate the soul, you can extend your stay to encourage pre-retreat relaxation and special therapies or post-retreat reflection and integration. Harmony comes from finding that inner balance, that ebb and flow between give and take, that you are not only going to feel good receiving, but giving back as well to the local community by bringing two back pack donations to support the Cozumel Chrysalis Group. Chrysalis is a non-profit that provides school kits, uniforms, and fees for over 300 school-age children on the island.

“The best kind of travel is the transformational kind, which allows you to take an inner well-being journey, give back to the local community, and honour local heritage all at the same time,” said Blanco. “Travel isn’t just about seeing places and taking pictures anymore. People can make a real difference through the simple act of travel, to themselves, to others and to the world.”
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